Lunch Encounters of the Third Kind (2 videos)

“Lunch Encounters of the Third Kind” was shot in my daughters’ public school lunchroom. This short spoof on the original film’s mashed potato scene raises awareness about the quality of school lunches and rallies support for farm to school programs that include locally farmed food, nutrition education, healthy lunches, and happy farmers. Who wouldn’t support that?

I made this video with two other Food and Society Fellows, Deb Eschmeyer and Shalini Kantayya to motivate people to sign a petition on in support of farm to school funding and the Child Nutrition Act.

With obesity and diabetes reaching alarming numbers and children being the hardest hit, this is an issue that our representatives in congress should be working on. The original movie, “Close Encounters of the Third Kind,” is about a man who sticks to his convictions while people all around him think he is losing his mind.  In the end he is proven right.  Do you ever feel like that? Healthy food for kids and sustainable farmers may seem like a crazy pipe dream, but people are doing it and it is working. To quote the hero of “Close Encounters of the Lunch Kind,” “This means something.”

I found the original mashed potato scene on YouTube — I love this movie!

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LMj Sunshine

Thank you for article.

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Please note this recent post to understand the challenge "Chefs in Schools" are facing.

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