Self-Deception: The Cure

As Ben Franklin said, “It is the easiest thing in the world for a person to deceive himself.” Self-deception is a human talent we have all practiced at one time or another–denial about our faults, our slow pace in personal growth, the danger of large and small addictions, how well we treat others. We deceive ourselves when we ruthlessly seek our wants, or use other people to obtain them. Why do we do it? And what is the cure? Find out here:

We lie to ourselves to shield our conscience from the truth. When we deceive ourselves, we are hurting ourselves the most. Such deception leads to the creation of a false self that protects us from confronting the truth.

The cure is pure honesty and humility. True humility never tolerates self-deception.

Interestingly enough, when we grow strong enough to confront our murkiest, scariest truths, we also liberate ourselves. In the glow of the resulting feelings of freedom and empowerment, it becomes easier to make the healthy changes we need to make.

Adapted from The Mystic Hours, by Wayne Teasdale (New World Library, 2004). Copyright (c) 2004 by Wayne Teasdale. Reprinted by permission of New World Library.
Adapted from The Mystic Hours, by Wayne Teasdale (New World Library, 2004).


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