5 Sexy Valentine’s Day Gifts

This year, spare them the candy hearts and heat things up. We’ve hand-picked five sexy Valentine’s Day gifts for him and her:


Whether you say “bring it on” to adding toys to your sex life or have your reservations, Jimmyjane’s new toy is sure to please. Really please. HELLO TOUCH just recently made its debut and it’s already been dubbed “the best sex toy ever invented” by Gizmodo. And no wonder why—the futuristic vibrator is small, powerful, and works as a natural extension of your fingers, making it a really seamless addition to the bedroom. Plus, it’s as powerful as a full-size vibrator. Looks like we really can have it all! [jimmyjane.com]



Is It hot in here or is it just Taschen’s latest in erotic photography? The New Erotic Photography Vol. 2 is a coffee table book that’ll make you want to drag your coffee table into the bedroom. Over 400 pages of beautiful, titillating images by some of the world’s best photographers…who knew getting a book for Valentine’s Day could be so exciting? [amazon.com]


couple jumping


A regular date night can give couples a chance to reconnect and focus on each other…but dinner and a movie gets old. Dating site HowAboutWe has a solution—How About We for Couples is a subscription service that gives couples one-of-a-kind, unique date night experiences. Sign up and every month, you and your partner will get a a catalog of the best dates in your city to choose from—think weekend getaways, private lessons from pro chefs, special menus at top-notch restaurants, and tickets to sold-out events. All the details are taken care of, so you just book the date and enjoy. [couples.howaboutwe.com]


Knock, knock. Who’s there? It’s sex! Romance and boinking aren’t just reserved for Valentine’s Day—and Boink Boutique keeps things hot all year round with a Boink Box. The Boink Box is a curated assortment of adult goodies—think vibrators, massage oils, lubricants, and blindfolds—all delivered to your door every month. Makes it super easy to keep things fresh in between the sheets, especially with a sexy newsletter full of ideas and activities you can try with each monthly Boink Box. And you thought it couldn’t get any better than your Cheese of the Month Club! [boinkboutique.com]



The only thing better than a massage? A couples massage. And even better than that? When you both actually know what you’re doing. A couples massage class is the gift that keeps on giving—sign up for a class at a local spa, and make sure to stock your bedroom with soothing lotions and massage oils so you can put what you’ve learned to the test.

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