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Shades of Green

A Frugal and Green Gift Guide

This year, even more so than before, it seems crucial that holiday giving be done in a cost-efficient manner and with a nod towards the practical. In other words, we don't have a lot of money to spend…


Let’s Turn Black Friday Into Green Friday!

Things are bleak all around. It seems like every other day there's news, either in the news or from someone I know, about more layoffs. The housing market, the stock market--it's all going down, down,…


Surviving Your Family for the Holidays

The thing about the holidays is that there are so many of them, and they are so close together! Say you don't see your family except at the holidays: You've got Thanksgiving, boom, then Christmas, wha…


A Green Thanksgiving for Everyone

We are hosting Thanksgiving dinner at my house this year, and like many of you out there I have the monumental task of making a wide variety of people happy. I've got a newly vegan mom, a picky sister…


Seeing the Paper for the Trees

My nephew must have been just 3 when I told him paper was made of trees and he laughed at me. Well, maybe he didn't laugh at me but he did giggle because I am his "silly" aunt. But in this instance, i…


Pure Pampering, DIY Style

Between the failing economy and everything I know about the hazardous chemicals found in most beauty products, I'm thinking it's time to start using some of the great DIY formulas from our Care2 archi…


Cast Your Vote for the Earth

Vote. One word, so very simple, yet every time an Election Day comes around there are millions of people who don't exercise this right. As many as 50 percent of people in the United States just don't …


Halloween and the Joy of Giving

I've never really been that into Halloween. Dressing up is not really my thing and having all that candy around is just too much temptation for me. I do like seeing cute kids in their costumes but we …


I’ll Have the Fish, Hold the Guilt

I love fish. I love swimming with them and I love eating them. I know this is kind of sick, but a trip to the aquarium will always put me in the mood for a nice piece of salmon. But wait, is it Atlant…


My Mom, the Breast Cancer Survivor

It was the last day of August when my sister and I were driving home from a weekend in the mountains and we got a call from my mom to let us know that they'd found something suspicious during a routin…


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I’ve been ADD all my life – since way before Attention Deficit “Disorder” was a …

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