Sit Less, Live Longer?

In yet another study on the risks associated with sedentary behavior, a new US analysis suggests that limiting the amount of time spent sitting to less than three hours a day might boost life expectancy by two years – at least in theory. Photo Credit: enricobassi via Flickr.

Sit Less Than 3 Hours a Day, Live 2 Years Longer?

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Elena T.
Elena Poensgen3 years ago

Thank you :)

jenny H.
jenny H.3 years ago

Interesting, thank you.

Dale Overall

In the previous Home again segment of my comments below, the three final missing words from

the comment "at least the cold climate leaves us w....are

" with some benefits."

...almost got those three words in there!

Dale Overall

Merci, Newslook re: the CBC video: "Sorry, playback is not allowed in your region." Canadians can always get the CBC video on the internet while sitting and letting our health continue to deteriorate further while typing in key words or:

I help pay the CBC's taxes, think Newslook can squirrel away the video like a treasured nut hidden from view? That will cost them two garlic/maple beaver tail snacks. ('s a pastry, a popular snack at Ottawa's Winterlude. We don't eat real beaver tails, what do you think we are...Klingons?)

Dale Overall

I freely admit that often one can spend a lot of time in front of the laptop researching fascinating topics. Just ten minutes ago was reading how if one eats too many pineapple cores one risks getting fibre balls called bezoars. Who knew that, I sure didn't. Learning things on the computer while sitting does have its benefits...but we are still sitting still wrecking our metabolism as we were not designed to spend endless hours sitting as we read the computer screen or sit in front of the TV/other modes of entertainment.

Okay, so I learned not to eat too many pineapple cores and then the article regaled me with the ominous "Psyllium husk overdose." Weighty matters of roughage indeed!

Yes, Ron B, Care2 may be slightly contributing a wee touch to our Doom as we sit here and pontificate about our favourite subjects. Just noticed a buckwheat article/recipe here while eating eggplant and munching away on rice/azuki bean "chips". Something else is required so I get up to slice the rind from a fresh pineapple resulting in some minor exercise while wrestling with the pineapple.

Dale Overall

As I reclaim my computer chair, TV Land features a seething Klingon Commander unleashing his fist on Captain Kirk's face with the angry words:

"You! You attacked my ship! 400 of my crew dead. Kirk, my ship is disabled. I claim yours. You are now prisons of the Klingon Empire against which you've committed a wanton act of war!"

Verbal insults continue, liberally peppered throughout the entire episode while Kang rants at the beleaguered Kirk: "Animals! Your Captain crawls like one!" He is in a tizzy. You can continue your sedentary ways while reading the entire transcript of this episode: "The Day Of The Dove."

Why not, it's vintage Star Trek and what's a little increased risk of heart disease when you get raw Klingon Attitude in exchange? There could even be an increase in endorphins for those with scores to settle when Kirk slugs Kang in retaliation for those dramatic soap opera types.

Dale Overall

(Just keep the Klingons away from vegans as Klingons of that era aren't as gentle as Care2 vegan/omnivore debaters. Especially if Klingons are eating Gagh! The first three letters gag are there for a reason as the food is still alive. But vegans will love the Vulcan diet. Star Trek has something for everyone.

To reduce your health risk and stop being sedentary you can always do Tai Chi, Yoga or a cardio workout while watching. Feel free to improvise. Or take your smart phone and walk while listening to your favourite program on YouTube.

Did go outside to storm chase during an interesting thunderstorm so that got me away from the computer and got me walking for awhile after getting out of the car for cloud photos on the rural roads. We can take breaks from the computer especially if one is lucky enough to work from home. Or take a walk five minutes from home while following the path along the river. This can easily take two hours.

Dale Overall

Home again, on Care2 while "marching" my feet at the computer, just keep them moving...there are even exercises designed for chairs. Then the storm started up again and I went out on the balcony while standing in one place and moving my body while keeping watch on the bevy of arachnids as the wind gathers strength and the spiders begin to wind surf on their silken webs. There must be around 20 of them hanging directly above me like a dangling participial. Fine, as long as they keep their attention diverted by wind surfing and dining on the liquefied insect milkshakes and yes the diet of spiders is insect smoothies except for the Goliath Bird Eating Spider, he diversifies and even eats the odd bird every now and as their size is considerable...a spider the scale of a large dinner plate.)

The smaller spiders won't bother me until they parachute down onto my head and start doing pushups as they spin new webs while waiting for mosquitoes. In that case I could always start charging them rent. To keep my body moving I would then find the receipt book. There the spiders again, now finished with wind surfacing they are walking like trapeze artists on silken threads. It could be worse, they could have been Rain Spiders...or the dreaded Sydney Funnel Spiders. At least one good thing about a -40 winter...our spiders aren't venomous! It may be more difficult to get up the gumption leave our computers while sitting in a toasty living room but at least the cold climate leaves us w

Dale Overall

Hot in the apartment, left the door open to cool things down and forgot...all those West Nile infected mosquitoes. You just can't do anything anymore. Quickly moved my body to shut the door and will risk further infection later to take a walk in the dark by the river, listening to the sounds of Nature.

For those computer inventors out there, this may already be in the works or done somewhere but why not create a small hand held computer with a voice activated app that types as we go for a walk. The wave of the future...instead of sitting at your computer for hours on end you could be telling the computer what to type in the comment section, your blog, going on the web for fascinating research information...just an idea to end computer chair couch 'potatodom'!

Dale Overall

Until some brilliant computer designers come up with the design mentioned above, for those of us spending too many hours on the computer commenting endlessly on Care2 even past the point where we use up our allotted butterfly points for the day but still keep commenting the Energizer bunny we keep going and going and can make this pledge...every half hour rise up from the chair....tear yourself away, go out for a walk (yes, I know the is 104F with the humidity in the torrid endlessly hot summer days) and take fifteen minutes for a short walk...or a longer one and then return to the computer. Continue on with Care2 or whatever and then in another half an hour do the same...not perfect but will get us out of our chairs. Otherwise some of us are in danger of our feet taking root into the floor as we become internet trees without feet roots holding us to the floor forever. Becoming too sedentary does have its dangers.