6 Natural Ways to Get Vitamin C

Raw is the best way to eat fruits and vegetables rich in Vitamin C, which is very sensitive to heat. Keep your family healthy this holiday season and choose from this list of six fruits and vegetables to receive the recommended amount of Vitamin C (and notice that apples arenít on the list):

Because Vitamin C is water soluble you need to eat foods rich in Vitamin C every day. The daily recommendation for Vitamin C is 60 mg. a day for adults, and 50 mg. a day for children.

Orange (1=70 mg)
Grapefruit (1=88 mg)
Red Pepper raw (1=226 mg)
Mango (1=60 mg)
Kiwi (1=74 mg)
Broccoli raw (1/2 cup=93 mg)

Not all apples are created equal, nor particularly high in vitamin C. Apple by apple, this chart tells you all.

By Annie B. Bond


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