Small And Stylish ECO Homes

Ever dream about creating the perfect eco-house? The importance of greening our homes to save energy and the planet has become more and more mainstream. Iíve been following the tiny house movement, and while these homes are energy-efficient and economical, they sometimes lack style. We all have our unique requirements for home sweet home. For me the house would need to be smallish, stylish and slowish.

When it comes to constructing houses, distancing ourselves from building McMansions and moving towards creating smaller homes, is a trend in the right direction. But, weíre not there yet. In 2009, the average American home was 2,343 square feet. Thatís more than double the average in 1950. According to Mother Earth News, erecting an average home results in roughly 8,000 pounds of construction waste, and 136,000,000 tons of construction and demolition waste. Guess where most of it ends up? You’re right – our landfills.

This calls for a reduction of materials and energy expenditure. Revising our relationship with size, and deciding how low can we go within the constraints of creating the stylish, livable spaces our families require, can seem like a daunting task.

3 Reasons To A Build Small House
1. environmental concerns
2. economics
3. a desire to live simply

Small ECO Houses, Living Green in Style, by Cristina Paredes Benitz and Alex Sanchez Vidiella, provides a stunningly fresh perspective with just the right mix of eco and style.

Here’s how Small ECO Houses addresses environmental concerns:

Ecological architecture…takes account of the ecological footprint a building will leave throughout its entire life cycle, from the moment it is designed to when it is erected and used, all the way until it is pulled down.

The 42 homes featured in Small ECO Houses thoughtfully showcase solutions to environmental concerns such as:

  • water savings (rain water harvested)
  • environmentally-friendly materials
  • active renewable energy sources (solar, wind, geothermal systems
  • passive systems (bioclimatic buildings, heated using non-mechanical methods, green roofs)
  • prefabricated homes (prefabs can reduce cost, time, and energy consumption)

The incredibly beautiful interiors illustrate how to optimize color schemes to enhance the feeling of openness. To maximize space, many of the houses have high ceilings to allot for multiple levels, and sliding doors to extend outdoor living. The inspired use of natural light create spaces that are warm and vibrant.

Whether or not you can afford to embark on the journey to create the small house of your dreams, Small ECO Houses presents a challenge to recognize how good architecture and design can transform a small space into a comfortable, modern home. And even more importantly, it can inspire us all to see how planet-loving solutions can create the home of our dreams.


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Elizabeth M.
Elizabeth M.3 years ago

I love this idea, McMansions should be on their way out. Live Simply, so as others may Simply Live!!
Thanks Ronnie.

Mark Tarrant
Past Member 3 years ago

A smaller well designed home is cosier and more cost effective than a mansion anyway!

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Darlene W.4 years ago

Good article, bless you all.

Darlene B.
Darlene W.4 years ago

Good article, bless you all.