Southeast Asia’s Dog Meat Mafia

In most of Thailand, dogs are considered man’s best friend. But in the Northeast borderlands, stray dogs are a free range source of meat. Photo Credit: dgoomany via Flickr.

Southeast Asia's Dog Meat Mafia 

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Darla G.
Darla G.4 years ago

I nearly threw up when I saw the huge truck crammed with dogs in crates and then seeing the dog meat in the pan was totally disgusting. To hear that 1,000 dogs are smuggled across the border every night is heartbreaking. These barbaric practices must be stopped.

Tricia Hamilton
Tricia Hamilton4 years ago

This is horrible. They are taking friendly animals and killing them horribly. I wish someone would throw the bomb on them!!! They don't deserve to live. !!!

Carrie Anne Brown

thanks for sharing

Alexis Preisser
Alexis Preisser4 years ago

Lori it's okay. Protesting is the important thing. I can't watch them either. I have seen enough in my life to give me nightmares for an eternity.

Stephanie Thomas
Stephanie Thomas4 years ago

Obviously different cultures eat different animals. However, even though the slaughter practices in our meat industry here could always be improved, keep in mind over there they basically torture the dogs because of the belief that teh adrenaline pumping through the system enhances the dog's flavour.. I made myself watch those videos to get a better understanding of how bad it is, and I've also made myself watch the slaughter videos of animals here in North America, and it is NOT as bad here as over there.

Lori E.
Lori E.4 years ago

I can't watch the video :( I signed the petition!

Alexis Preisser
Alexis Preisser4 years ago

No animal should be subjected to the horrors these animals as well as our own factory farm animals go through. You are either insensitive, a meat eater or ignorant of the intense pain and suffering these animals go through. Asia is fast becoming richer than the US; they can spay//neuter dogs. Dogs are not meat they are our companions. Animals in US farms should also be treated with respect and killed humanely, i.e., without intense suffering and torture which is exactly what happens. Wake up and smell the rotting flesh.

Judy Lujan
Judy Lujan4 years ago

We in the west object to this because we keep dogs as companion animals. Dogs are working animals in southeast Asia. The farmers sell their problem dogs, not their indispensable farm dogs. They make a little money, they are rid of a nuisance dog - who might otherwise run off or be run off, begetting or whelping more unwanted dogs who will be homeless. I saw plenty of street dogs in India and it's not a pretty life. This takes care of the stray dog problem, provides the farmers with a little money and fills a perceived need. Many of the same people who are horrified by this cannot understand why Indians let cows roam around loose. Two different solutions for dealing with homeless animals. I'm not suggesting this should be applied to the west's stray animal problem, but I think that given Thailand's problems and lack of resources, for the time being this is a workable solution for them. Remember too that stray dogs are likelier to be infected with rabies, which in turn can be passed to humans via a bite. Often the people in this part of the world can't afford to go see a doctor and/or prophylactic rabies treatment. I was bitten by a dog in India and had already had the rabies series in the States, but still needed two booster shots. As I recall, they were the equivalent of US $12 each, a small fortune for most of the people where I lived. And that was having had the rabies series. Had I not had that, I would have needed more shots. As westerners, the idea of eati

Will Rogers
Will Rogers4 years ago

Cows, pigs, dogs, rats, sheep. It's all the same, it's just a matter of culture and where you are in the world, some cultures eat bugs and others live off fish. We have many different people's eating many different things. Get over it! That's life. Why are so many people surprised? I think you lot need to learn about other peoples cultures. Read some books or something.
Then you have all the Asian haters looking for an excuse to hate them, you're showing your ignorance here, insulting whole nations or even whole quarters of the world! Blaming them for our hundreds of years of corruption. 
Hindus don't eat cows and they think they're sacred, but they have the common sense and courtesy to restrict their opinions to themselves, or do you think they have campaigns saying "we need donations to 'Save the American cow!" 

Quanta Kiran
Quanta Kiran4 years ago