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Yoga for Runners: 10 Poses to Stretch and Strengthen

Running is hard on your body, and complementary yoga for runners can help balance that intense workout. Try these yoga poses for runners. The idea with this series of poses isn't to break a sweat…


What Kindness Does to Your Health

Treating other people well isn’t just good for your karma. It’s good for your health and vitality, too. Psychology researcher Barbara Fredrickson, PhD, author of Love 2.0: Creating Happiness and He…


Exercise Does Little to Help You Lose Weight

Those aerobics classes, daily jogs and punch-kick workouts may have numerous medical benefits, but they’ll do little to reduce your waist size. A growing body of scientific evidence backed by a recent…


How to Exercise Your Creativity Without Letting Fear Get in the Way

Resistance and doubt are just part of the creative experience. Here are 10 tips to help you get past them. This series, curated by Brian Johnson, founder of PhilosophersNotes, features big id…


Tips for Reducing Fear and Anxiety From Flying

Are your vacation spots limited to those within driving distance? Do you avoid flying out of fear? This graphic has some tips that might help you control your anxiety in the air. Your fear of flyin…


Recent Studies Shed Light on the Mind-Body Connection

While the idea of the mind-body connection isn't anything new, it is still not widely accepted in some circles of medical community.  In fact, I have a coaching client who is a nurse by day and a hol…


Express Who You Are Through What You Do

We all want to be successful in life, but finding what it takes isn’t as easy as it might seem. In our culture, there is a strong tendency to equate success with position, power, and money, and that w…


Three Thieves That Steal Your Peace of Mind

The recent mega million-dollar drama surrounding FIFA and its president Sepp Blatter has taught us an invaluable lesson: how greed and power are like thieves in the night that steal our sensibility, k…


One More Reason to Get Some Sleep

Do you tend to put sleep low on your priority list when things get busy? A new paper published in The Journal of Health Psychology examines how lack of sleep leads us to make poor food choices. Thi…


The Guiding Light You Didn’t Know You Have

Forty years of pursuing and achieving the American Dream left me feeling unsatisfied, unfulfilled and not at peace with myself. What happened? Following an extended period of evaluation and self-se…


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We should all be trimming our air travel to essential only, due to the high level of toxins they spe…

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