Spooktacular Halloween Tricks and Treats

I have to admit, Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I love dressing up, decorating pumpkins, roasting the seeds, handing out candy to adorable trick-or-treaters, and then celebrating the holiday with costumed grown-ups. Fortunately, we have an annual SCare2 eco-friendly Halloween party and DIY costume contest to showcase our inner vampire or butterfly.

And, for you? We have tons of great tricks and treats in Healthy & Green Living so that you can create your very own spooktacular holiday. Starting with…

For the Love of Pumpkins
So many uses for pumpkin–eating, decorating, body care, you name it. If you’ve been following Mel’s posts the past few autumns, you know she has a fondness for pumpkins–here are Mel’s 11 Favorite Ways to Use a Pumpkin.

Sweet Teeth Satisfied
How to treat kids to the treats they covet, without exposing them to a rainbow array of sickly sweet, and terrifying ingredients? Sample some of the Best Candy and possibly even satisty your sweet tooth as well. Then check out Terri’s Vegan Popcorn Balls and Carmel Apples – yum! And find more alternatives to candy bars and other sugary horrors.

Playing Dress-Up
Halloween wouldn’t be complete without our Fun and Eco-Friendly DIY Costumes. Here are some great tips for deciding which costume suits your personality. And getting your little ghosts and goblins ready for Halloween while attempting to minimize your impact might seem scarier than global warming, but it’s actually easier than you might think. Here are Five Super-Simple Steps to Green Trick-or-Treating. Make Halloween safer for trick-or-treaters with DIY luminaries.

Pet Dangers
It’s important to keep your pets safe during Halloween by thinking around the holiday excitement, and being aware of the little catastrophes lurking in the evening. Here’s a round-up of great pet-safety tips.

Super-Scary or a Super-Stition?
Black cats have gotten a bad rap for centuries–they have been maligned and even tortured because of their alleged association with evil and witchcraft. But we cat lovers know the truth about black cats. Check out two great posts from our feline experts, Black Cat Balderdash and The Wisdom of Black Cats.

Share the Fun
Send free Halloween ecards. They are fun, spooky, (did I mention free?!) and way better for the planet than paper cards. You can even add your photo – or your pet’s photo – to our new Hallowen ecards! We also have tips for your very-own Green Halloween Party.

What is your favorite Halloween tradition or treat? Will you be donning a costume? How will you be celebrating? Share your spooktacular ideas below!


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