Strawberry Trifle Recipe

Every Sunday, the English family I lived with years ago made a trifle for dessert and from the very first bite, I was hooked for life. Trifles are usually made with fruit, custard, cake, and whipped cream–a super-rich confection.

Here is a lighter version of the classic English treat. Although it still has a bit of decadent whipped cream, the custard is a healthier combination of yogurt and low-fat cream cheese (rather than eggs, cream, and lots of sugar), and the cake is omitted so the flavors of the berries and cream can really shine. Prettily layered in a glass bowl or dish, this easy-to-make dessert is a heavenly treat that offers anti-oxidant good health from the berries and sheer pleasure from dairy.

Fresh strawberries make the perfect foil for that luscious creaminess, but you can substitute many kinds of fresh berries and fruits as they come into season to make a variety of trifles.

Two 3-ounce packages low-fat cream cheese, room temperature
2 tablespoons sugar
Two 8-ounce containers all-natural strawberry yogurt
2 teaspoons freshly-squeezed lemon juice
1 cup heavy cream, whipped until it will hold soft peaks
6 cups sliced fresh strawberries (or raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, peaches, nectarines–or a combination)

1. In a medium-sized mixing bowl and using a electric mixer, combine the cream cheese, sugar, yogurt, and lemon juice until the mixture is smooth. Fold in the whipped cream and blend until smooth.

2. In a large glass serving bowl, place a layer of fruit. Top with a layer of the cream mixture, then another layer of fruit. End with a layer of cream mixture, smoothing it evenly over the top.

3. Refrigerate until ready to serve. This dessert will travel well.

Serves 12.

By Cait Johnson, Assistant Producer of Care2 Healthy Living Channels.


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