Stress Costs Business Billions

Increasing job insecurity and pressure in the workplace caused by the tough economic climate is taking its toll on Europe’s workers.

Stress Costs Business Billions
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anyone surprised?

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stress can be a killer

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Thanks for sharing.

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heres some of Yogananda tips to help on stress:

"Water cools the nerve endings and balances all the vital centers. Taking a cold shower or splashing your face with cold water is very helpful for nervousness.

For the overworked mental worker, merely going out of doors and resting the eyes upon some far distant patch of green will often soothe and relax the nervous system. Eating more fruit, not over-eating, and partial fasting—going without breakfast or lunch—are also good.

Associating with strong, serene, kind, spiritual people is of great benefit to the nervous person. Even a few moments in the company of a saint can work wonders in producing calmness and quiet.

Soul nervousness requires meditation
There is another form of nervousness, “soul nervousness,” which can be destroyed only by meditation. In soul nervousness, the soul is so identified with the body that it has forgotten its real nature. It thinks it is nothing but a bundle of sensations.

The cure for soul nervousness lies in transferring your attention from this little cage of the body to the perception of the Infinite. As a child of the Infinite, you must learn to reflect the image of God."

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makes sense, esp if you are working with people

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very interesting