Surprise: Happiest & Unhappiest Cities in America (Infographic)

Where are Americans the happiest? Your best guess may not match up with this surprising data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the U.S. National Bureau of Economic Research. Check out this graphic via the Huffington Post for a quick map of America’s smiles and frowns.

Infographic by Alissa Scheller for The Huffington Post.

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Debbie Crowe
Debbie Crowe2 years ago

I disagree completely!! I live in one of the so called 'Unhappiest Cities' and I know a lot of happy people!

Marie W.
Marie W.2 years ago

Makes no sense.

Diane M.
Diane M.2 years ago

Yeah, people basting in 100-degree temps with 100% humidity in LA are really happy.

pedro simoes
pedro simoes2 years ago

i can not give my opinion because i live in portugal

Tammy D.
Tammy D.2 years ago

pointless. No actual information about how subjective data was collected or how the cities were rated. A remarkably skeletal article. Plus, Detroit as #7 most unhappy? I figured that city would be a shoe-in for first place. And New York? Come on. I don't buy that for a second.

Pretty slack, guys.

Nils Anders Lunde
PlsNoMessage se2 years ago


Julianne E.
Julianne E.2 years ago

worhtless article

Rhonda B.
Rhonda B.2 years ago


Steve McCrea
Steve McCrea2 years ago

Anybody notice that none of the cities mentioned (except Corpus Christie) are in the Western half of the US? And why are the top 5 "happiest cities" all in Louisiana? I got a funny feeling the author grew up in New Orleans...

Seems like a pretty biased article to me!

--- Steve

Francesca A-S
Past Member 2 years ago