Surprising Belly-Fat and Disease Link

We all know love handles aren’t exactly good for us and recent research shows they increase our risk of heart disease, diabetes, and other disorders.  But, new research at Harvard Medical School indicates that belly fat increases our risk of osteoporosis too.

The scientists’ research on obese women revealed that those with excess fat deep in the abdominal cavity had higher levels of fat in the bone marrow—a factor known to weaken bones.

The study headed up by Miriam Bredella, MD, is also an important discovery because earlier studies frequently link increased weight with REDUCED incidence of osteoporosis.

This study gives us one more reason to stay or become trim around the middle.


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One thing I know from a lifetime of 'weight issues' is that there really is no spot reducing; it all comes with weight loss. My current struggle is with my belly fat, the last fat to leave my body. Would that I could lop it off. Seriously, though, upping my fluids and keepin' on keepin' on.....(ay yi yi).

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