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Wisdom from Christy Whitman

No matter who you are, where you grew up, or what your family situations were, you are and always have been abundant. You are already an abundant being and were born that way. Our entire universe is a…


How To Be Thankful

Thanksgiving can be a tough time for people. I lost my father almost six years ago, and his birthday often falls on Thanksgiving (this year its the day before), so I always miss the way hed finagle …


Overflowing with Abundance & Prosperity: Part II

"The word "abundance" comes from abunda-re, Latin for "to overflow". "Prosperity" comes from the Latin prospera-re, meaning "to render fortunate". Everyone knows someone who is a chronic compla…


How To Create Abundance and Prosperity

"You are prosperous to the degree that you are experiencing peace, health, and plenty in your world." Catherine Ponder Walk into a bookstore or troll the internet and you will find any number o…


Be Generous of Spirit

Generosity begins at the level of the soul, which never runs out of the two things totally necessary to life: energy and awareness. When you feel secure that you as a person wont run short of those …


Can’t Buy Me Love

Have you ever really wanted something in your life? Something you put all your heart into achieving? What happened when you finally achieved it? Was there a rush of adrenaline? A feeling of triumph? O…


Green Girl Abides by Abundance

Four days ago, it was 50 degrees. People were walking around campus in shorts and T-shirts (a bit of an exaggeration, perhaps), studying outside on the just-thawed (and quite muddy) quad, and just in…


Attract Happiness Into Your Life

Many talk about the law of attraction. Surely it was made famous by the movie, "The Secret." But what is it actually? Here is a definition in the book, Serenity: Steps for Recovering Peace of Mind, Re…


Five Feng Shui Tips for Abundance

The ancient Chinese system of Feng Shui uses the power of focused intention, as well as the mindful placement of objects, to improve our lives. If you would like more abundance for yourself and your f…


Who Lights Your Path to Abundance?

When you pay attention to the messages that surround you and how they often mirror your own internal needs, you will become aware of the importance of being among the right people and situations. Find…

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Daily Cute: Turtle Chase

Daily Cute: Turtle Chase

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Nicely timed article. Here in Hawai'i, it's "only" hitting the low 90's, but the humidity has been v…

Fred L. Fred L.
on The Benefits of Sweat
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They are cute but I prefer rats :D

Do something good to our environment instead of just ourselves

Well, half way healthy - better than nothing ... ;-)) Thanks.