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Panera Bread Announces Refreshing New Food Policy

Finally, a restaurant has realized that we donít want to have to choose between quality food and quick food. In a move honoring the company's commitment to serving food that's good and good for you, P…


What Grocery Shopping Really Does to Your Brain

Iím convinced the American food supply is determining our body weight as much as caloric intake, genetics, metabolism, exercise and self-control. I stand at the end of a well-lit grocery aisle se…


How to Avoid Phosphate Additives

In my videos Phosphate Additives in Meat Purge and Cola and Phosphate Additives in Chicken, I talked about the danger of phosphate and phosphate additives, and how phosphates are often added to chicke…


5 Reasons to Embrace Home Canning

Home canning might seem more like an activity your grandparents did than something busy people in our day would embrace. But canning homegrown and local foods is undergoing a revival, and many people†…


The Shocking Ingredients in Cigarettes

If you think cigarettes are simply dried tobacco leaves rolled in paper, you're about 597 ingredients off. The tobacco industry has become master mixologists with the additives. Some ingredients are a…


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Very interesting, thank you. There were bits I didn't know.

We have been using nutritional yeast on popcorn for years!

Live un Europe for the moment and the labeling is good...could be improve of course but even the fre…

How cute! The crows have a "lookout" at my place. When I put out food for them in the morning, the "…

She lost me at miracles.