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What if you were standing on the moon, looking out at an Earth engulfed by planets and stars and the velvety mystery of the cosmos? Could the experience shatter your faith in a mechanical universe rul…


Introducing a New Era of Consciousness

We need a new way to live. Whether it is the political stalemate in the U.S., the financial system that keeps failing most people or expensive health-care structures that donít truly heal, the call …


I Know Iím Conscious. But How? And Why?

Recently at a remote beach in Mexico I was looking at the most beautiful star-filled night sky. The darkness was perfect, and there were more stars than I had ever seen. Looking at the stars always ov…


Akashic Choices Of Your Mind

When Vedanta says that every world is a projection of the mind, it is describing an Akashic dream. In Akasha we realize the transcience of all things and the immensity of the unknown. The Akashic dr…


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What's the alternative? A large family has way more drawbacks.

Interesting article, thank you!

sarah j. When I was in Culinary school I was disgusted by all the things that were listed as accept…

When elephants sway their heads back and forth it's because they are stressed, not because they are …

Excellent and sensible suggestions. Thanks for the post.