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Just a Couple of Guinea Pigs Playing Basketball (Video)

Animal Trainer Barbara Heidenreich is clearly a genius. Using treats as rewards, she's taught her guinea pigs to play basketball. Each guinea pig even knows his designated basket, so it's a proper…


Cat Jumps Through Hoops for Food (Video)

Think you can't train cats? Think again: this kitty's owners have taught her to jump high and reach for the stars...or at least her lunch. …


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TO me there are 4 names that have changed our food and the have done for the worse1 Granted foods ha…

Some of the comments are quite funny.

Life is as good as I make it.

And TV Dinners. Ugh! I've managed to be a perfectly fine women's rights campaigner, and a mother, …

Hmmm, I wish to do all this stuff in my head while I am TRYING to get up in the morning... It is not…