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Very Rare Wild Cat Spotted in Arizona

An endangered ocelot was seen by a man working on his yard in an area of southern Arizona. His dogs had been barking at an unidentified animal, which climbed a tree, so the man reported it to Arizona …


Lion Meat Tacos on Menu in Arizona

Another Arizona restaurant -- this time Boca Tacos y Tequila -- has decided to take orders for lion meat. Their price for one lion meat taco  is $8.75. Last year, a Mesa restaurant named Il Vinaio ser…


Gabrielle Giffords’ Strong Solar Stance

Fortunately U.S. Congressional Representative Giffords has so far shown hopeful signs in her recovery from the recent horrific attack in Arizona. Nationally she has been the centerpiece of many news s…


Letter to Parents: “Your Kid is Fat”

In Flagstaff, Arizona, public schools have taken an aggressive approach to reducing childhood obesity. "Beginning this fall the district will measure and weigh elementary-school children and send lett…


Horse Rescue Registry Created in Arizona

The Equine Rescue Registry was created last year as a partnership between the Arizona Department of Agriculture and horse rescue organizations which are certified by the state. Rescue centers meeting …


Air Force Moves to Solar

An installation of 52,000 solar panels at Luke Air Force Base will generate 15 megawatts of electricity. This number is about half of what the base consumes. Air Force Lt. Col. John Thomas said, "The …


Jaguars in Jeopardy: Legal Wrangle Over Their Management

The Center for Biological Diversity intends to file a lawsuit opposing the government's use of traps, snares, and poisons in their management of jaguars in the wild. In 2009 a wild jaguar was said to …


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