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How Sugar Can Make You Sick

A new study linking sugar and increased risk of dying from heart problems may have you thinking twice about digging in to that Valentine’s Day candy box. It may seem like a logical connection—after…


Is There a Safe, Low-Calorie Sweetener?

The natural sweetener erythritol does not appear to carry the adverse effects associated with other low and non-caloric natural and artificial sweeteners and may actually have antioxidant potential. F…


Is Drinking Soda Worse Than Smoking?

Photo Courtesy Of: Comstock/Thinkstock Soda, which is loaded with sugar primarily in the form of high fructose corn syrup, is a leading contributor to the rising rates of obesity, diabetes, heart di…


Surprising Study About Artificial Sweeteners

For those of you who are aware of the health dangers posed by artificial sweeteners and dutifully avoid them, the featured study findings may come as a shocking surprise. Researchers have found tha…


Reasons to Avoid Sugar and Artificial Sweeteners

Do you eat white sugar? I don't and here's why: 1. Sugar makes you FAT. 2. Sugar makes you NERVOUS. 3. Sugar depresses your immune system. 4. Sugar cause WRINKLES. 5. Sugar rots your teeth.…


Scary Sweetener Haunted by Ugly Past

“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet,” claimed Shakespeare.  Conversely, a sweet name for a potential toxin, does not make it sweet. Aspartame, has had a makeover.  Thanks to slick mark…


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