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7 Ways Your Dog Can Improve Your Life

If you are a dog owner, you already know that owning a canine can enrich your life in numerous ways. Here are but a few... Calming. Having a dog can help you deal better with daily stresses. Dogs c…


Sacred Sex

We are a society that is starved for deep and meaningful love.  Sex seems to be the stand-in for intimacy.  Somewhere between little girls who dream of a fairy tale romance and little boys that are ra…


Should Ugly People Have Special Legal Protections?

In a recent New York Times Op-ed piece, economist Daniel S. Hamermesh asked a provocative question: should ugly people be a legally protected class? Hamermesh definitively thinks so. And he's propo…


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Great information...will definitely have to add more sweet potatoes to my diet

No we don't

Even if some scientist claim Roundup is safe, their 'research' may very likely be sponsored by Monsa…

Sad but true, people seem to just not hold on anymore. Whatever happened to "in good times & in …

After 7 years of dating and a 20 year marriage, I found myself divorced!! :( Now 20 years after the…