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How to Prepare Your Pet for a New Baby

When you bring a newborn into your home, you'll need to prepare your family pet for the infant's arrival. From noise desensitization to smell introduction, here are the pet training tools you need to …


Sweet Cat Loves to Cuddle With Baby (Video)

There's not much extra space in this baby seat, but kitty makes it work. Related: 10 Adorable Videos of Babies & Animals Cat Tries to Get Comfortable Kitten's Funny Sleeping Spot…


Wise Dog Teaches Human Baby to Fetch (Video)

This dog knows: if he wants to maintain the proper household hierarchy (Dog > Everyone Else), he needs to start teaching this small human how it works early on. Delegating ball-fetching duties …


Baby Learns to Crawl From Dog (Video)

  Aw, this baby is getting some pointers on crawling from Furgee the Chug (or, half pug, half Chihuahua!) Related: Teething Baby Learns from Dog (Video) Baby Learns to Play Ball From …


Teething Baby Learns from Dogs (Video)

  Aw, these adorable puggles are serving as inspiration for this equally-adorable teething 5-month-old baby! Related: Baby Learns to Play Ball From Dog (Video) Baby, Bubbles, and Dog …


Dog & Baby Try to Play Fetch (Video)

  This dachshund is trying to get this baby to play fetch. Unfortunately for the pooch, the baby just isn't old enough yet. Hang in there, pal, you'll get your playmate eventually! Rela…


Gentle Cat Helps Soothe Fussy Baby [Video]

All the pet-lovers out there will love this video. We spend so much time lavishing love and affection on our pets, that sometimes it can be a surprise to see them do the same for us! In this tender…


Baby Gives Cereal to Big Dog (Video)

  Aww! This dog gives new meaning to the term "gentle giant" by lovingly accepting cereal from a tiny baby! Related: Dog Kisses Baby Monkey (Video) Dog Helps Feed Baby Goats (Video) …


Cat & Baby Cuddle (video)

Okay, "cuddle" might be an overstatement, but this kitty is being very gentle while this sweet baby cozies up to him. Related: Cat and Baby Play Fetch Cat and Bunny Cuddle More Cute Animal V…


Cat and Baby Play Fetch (video)

Training for the League of Cute all-star game... Watch more pet videos here. …


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Clever little Wombat - very cute video! Thanks for the post.

My cat snuggles into my back, he is better then an electric blanket, thanks for the ideas.

Thx for posting

These are great ideas I have used with some of the dogs I have looked after as a carer. One dog who…

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