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Baby Boomers vs. Millennials: How Internet-Obsessed Are You? (Infographic)

Have you ever noticed the generation gap grow wider when using your phone, computer or television around someone that just isn't from your era? With technology developing so rapidly, each generation i…


A Rite of Passage: AARP

Well, it finally happened to me. I was opening my mail—feeling fit as a fiddle—listening to really cool new music—when I saw it. MY FIRST MAILING FROM AARP! Ack! I know for a fact (since I heard so…


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The problem is that as we age, our taste buds do too, so the bland boring recipes that they serve in…

The look in the eyes of Zoey is just priceless, it is a real What The Heck look :-)

I agree with "be open to different opinions"and some care2 members should take note of that.

Fortunately, this article does not affect me, since I refuse to set foot in a Walmart store. Quite …

I love ghee! & now I know even more reason's to love it even more!!!!!