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Croissants and ‘Cronuts’ Set to Invade

Have you ever made a croissant? I am not speaking about Pillsbury Crescents or some ready-made approximation of a real French croissant, I am referring to laminated dough, with two or three rises, but…


Organic Cakes and Bakeries in the Bay Area

I was going to do this great in depth article on fluoridated water, but then someone mentioned cake. When it comes to cake, I'm rather like that sweet dog, Dug, in the movie "UP", who can carry a trai…


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Already signed the petition. You know it's getting bad when you're thrilled by a single sighting of …

Going to the market soon! New list though

Legalize It Now.....been toking since 1965.....the government can pretend that it has the right to d…

thanks I use the rain barrell when I wash the car not often at all this year