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Dads That Deliver, and Dads That Skip Out Altogether

I think it was around the time my wife was pregnant with our first child that I had this curious conversation with a good friend of mine. Twice a father (and a devoted one at that), this friend was ju…


Death is an Essential Part of Life

Here are some suggestions for ways to grasp that death is not a dreaded enemy but an essential part of life: Allow yourself to be near someone who is dying. Resist the fear that makes you shun the…


Birth, Work, Death: Reframing How We Think About Decline

If one understands The law of cause and condition, One can find spring In the midst of autumn frost and winter snow--Buddhist verse Earlier in the week, when General Motors (GM) delivered the (n…


35 Reasons to Choose a Home Birth

Derek Markham, Eco Child's Play Why do I think a home birth is so much better than a hospital birth? Iíve experienced a planned hospital birth, a planned home birth that ended with an induced ho…


Congratulations, It’s an Orgasm!

I once asked a very naive question of a woman friend, who happened to be a mother, about what childbirth was like for her. Her response came in the form of a vivid and simultaneously humorous and alar…


Rage Against the Birthing Machine

Anyone who has had a child in the last quarter century likely has a strong opinion about the state of the modern birthing industry (full disclosure: as a man, I am unable to get pregnant and give birt…


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