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What’s Your Carbohydrate IQ? (Quiz)

Although it's like trying to remember what the world was like back when everyone had to dial the telephone, there really was a time when the average Joe didn't know exactly what a carbohydrate was. …


Is Sugar Sapping Your Memory?

Getting older doesn't have to mean cognitive decline. Protect your memory and keep your mind sharp with these strategies for blood sugar regulation. By Jeffrey Rossman, PhD, Do…


Cinnamonís Secret Health Benefit

With holiday favorites like pumpkin bread and spiced cider on the menu, recent research in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition provides welcome news: Cinnamon may help you better regulate your …


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Great information, thanks! Accordingly I must be doing just fine with my intake of natural aspirin …

I have a headache right now. I think I will try an Epsom Salt bath! Thanks for the info!

Sounds like predisposition to me. Seems that the study is interpreting cause for effect.