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When Your Greatest Fear Is Boredom

“Mama… I’m BORED.” “You have an entire bedroom full of toys, a whole art table full of art supplies, a hundred books you could read, and four kids in the neighborhood dying to play with you. How ca…


Keeping It Real & Sexy: 10 Relationship Tips

Are you in a relationship? Thinking about being in one? I have a few absurdly simple tips to share. They come from listening to countless people talk about their relationships in my sexuality coachi…


Positivity Quest: In Praise of Boredom

"All man’s troubles come from not knowing how to sit still in one room.” --Blaise Pascal It is summer at last, the season of long lazy afternoons and empty idle hours of wonder. I remember well the…


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I totally agree with RB you were saved from a lifetime of misery....I hope you will meet a good man,…

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Everybody should enjoy their days

Sorry, but I routinely overlook lots of holidays, I just can't afford that many cards and celebratio…

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