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Bottled Water vs. Filtered Tap Water

Chances are that by now you know just how harmful bottled water is to the planet, and yet some people still find it difficult to give up those portable, easily purchased, calorie-free thirst-quenchers…


How to Read Your Water Quality Report

From coast to coast, the news has been awash with reports of consumers kicking the bottled water habit and taking back the tap. People are catching on to the industry's marketing con job. They now kno…


Bottled Water Craze Gone Crazy

Bottled water--how did it come to this? The tag line for a new bottled water called Tap'dNY is "No glaciers were harmed making this water." I have to think we have a problem when a company starts s…


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Gary is going to have to keep an eye on the doggie-enemy.

Have you ever wondered how Dr's always seem to know in advance which type of flue strain we are abou…


This is something I never really think about. Thanks for posting!

I thought would mention cars and that Ford decided to bring back the Comet.