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Maru and the Long Box (Video)

It's Friday! That means it's a perfect time for another installment of Maru the Adorable Cat. This time, he's strategically investigating a very long, thin box that appeared in his space. But how …


Maruís Greatest Hits (video)

Remember the videos we posted a while ago about Maru, the famous Japanese cat that loves boxes? Here is another one, with clips of some of his funniest exploits. My favorite is the part where he wa…


More Cats, More Boxes, More Fun! (3 videos)

You enjoyed the last cats in boxes videos and many of you commented that your own cats love them too. Here are three more cute videos. Page 1 is a whole team of cats kicking the ball around and…


Maru: The Most Famous Cat in Japan (3 videos)

Maru loves boxes. My two cats Tigger and Kami love boxes too, especially Tigger. Alas, my interior decoration is a bit ruined by boxes scattered all over the floor. But what are you gonna do? Mayb…


Green Moving Guide

Moving house is one of the top 10 stressors in life, we hear you thinking, and now you're going to tell me that I should be doing it green? Iím up to my ears in boxes here! Relax: Having a smooth gree…


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I love them, they clear congestion and mucus as well and are god r the heart..

I don't have a garden... :/ Lots of "native" plants, though... ;)

good article,thank you