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Gulf Reels From Seafood Troubles

Usually folks are upbeat and busy in May, the month when shrimpers get back to work in Louisiana's rich waters. But this spring, catches are down, docks are idle and anxiety is growing that the ill ef…


Fish Are Sick Where BP’s Oil Spill Hit

Two years after the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, scientists are finding trouble in the oiled Gulf of Mexico: fish with lesions and evidence of contamination. But no link has been found between the sic…


Is Anyone Neutral After the BP Gulf Oil Spill?

It is almost a year ago that an explosion at the Deepwater Horizon well started sending oil into the Gulf of Mexico. Since then, we have all watched, with some mix of helplessness, urgency and disbeli…


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Got spinach in my dinner and spinach growing in the veggie patch - love the stuff :)

There are hundreds of other pitfalls that confidence can't overcome. One of mine was overestimating…

Following "FoodBabe's" article about GMO ingredients in 2 brands of beer, I submitted a comment that…

Suggest listening and really listening -- without interrupting and/or arguing. Plus, studying up on…