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Rockstar Bunnies Livin’ the Life (Video)

Floppy ears, spinach leaf snack, and hoppin' across the house? Sounds like a party. A cute bunny party. And you're invited. Related Squirrel Can't His Paws Off Adorable Bunny Video So You Wan…


Cat & Bunny Cuddle (video)

"Almost ready! Let me just wash up before bed..." Related: Cuddling Dog and Cat are Best Friends (video) Love Animal Style: Cutest Cuddling Critters (slideshow) Adorable Sleeping Puppy (vide…


Bunny Has Epiphany About Water (Video)

Does he love it? Does he fear it? This bunny wasn't sure how to feel about water at first, but his curiosity got the better of him. Related: So You Want to Adopt a Bunny (Photos) 10 Adorable…


Feral Rabbits Overrun Canadian Town

By the end of the day Monday, 187 feral rabbits from Canmore, Alta., will have been snipped and clipped, avoiding their original fate of being euthanized. Odd News by NewsLook var nl_rand = …


Adorable Fluffy Bunny (Video)

  Aww, this absolutely adorable fluffy bunny got a special treat on New Year's -- a banana! Related: Baby Bunny Eats a Flower Dog & Bunny Share Carrot Bunny & Cat Cuddle…


Bunny Snack (video)

From the adorable lip-licking to the post-snack cleaning session, there is almost too much cuteness going on here. Related: Baby Bunny Eats a Flower Dog & Bunny Share Carrot Bunny & …


Baby Bunny Eats a Flower (video)

We couldn't resist this simple, yet overwhelmingly adorable video of a bunny munching on a snack. Related: Cutest Envelope Opener (video) Guinea Pigs Compete in Eating Contest (video) Dog &a…


Dog & Bunny Share Carrot (video)

Watch these two adorable friends share a healthy snack. Related: Cat & Bunny Cuddle (video) Baby Bunnies! (video) Cat, Dog, Guinea Pig & Rabbit Are Friends! (video) So, You Want to …


Baby Bunnies! (3 cute videos)

This is for you bunny lovers. First you will see a very tiny bunny that just wants to sleep, then a little older one that just wants to eat, and finally one brought in from the wild that wants to …


The Real Energizer Bunny (video)

This little Netherland Dwarf Rabbit never stops. What did he eat? Well the bunny does take a short break in the middle of this video to catch his breath and let you have a good look at him. Then he is…


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