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Why We Need More Women Leaders

  Only 3 percent of Fortune 500 CEO's are women, but study after study has shown that, the more women that serve in leadership roles in the public sector, the more profitable the company is. T…


The Once-ler

By: Monica Wilcox At the end of the block where the Cinema lights glow and the wind smells greasy and gassy when it blows and no birds dare to fly excepting old crows… is the Street of the Migh…


How Businesses Can Go Green

Businesses around the world and across the U.S. are coming to realize that many of the steps they’re taking to reduce their environmental impact actually have a cost benefit for their company. But, as…


Wisdom from Ed Brodow

Let's consider why so many people hate to negotiate. This negative attitude stems from the perception that a negotiation is a contest, which can't be won unless someone else loses. But the thought tha…


Speak Your Truth In Business & ROCK Your Career

How many times have you bitten your tongue in a board meeting or muzzled yourself when your boss starts spouting off? How many times have you failed to speak up when you disagree with your business pa…


How To Be Seen As More Than A Number

By Monica Wilcox Dear T-Mobile Customer Service Rep, Kathy I believe it was; with a K.  We talked earlier today on the phone; my disabled phone.  I called earlier to make sure someone would be a…


Tour Offers Women A New Way

They said it couldn't be done… and I wanted to see if I could. That's what she told me. Marvelously sassy, don't you think? My inner-teenager shrieked with joy for her rebellion. She is Robin …


Awesome Women Find A New Way

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. - Narcotics Anonymous* The if-something-sucks-about-your-life-then-change-it part of me really loves that quo…


10 Ways Organic Gardening is like Good Business

I was out puttering in my garden this morning, planting a few new perennials – (I’m running out of space for planting new things!). My mind was on work, as it is a lot these days. I stood up for a sec…


Have You Risked Everything? Become a Heartpreneur Pt 3

Welcome back to the Become a Heartpreneur Series, where we’ve been talking about how to do well by doing good and connecting to your calling while still making the moolah. This next installation …


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