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Wobbly Chairs: Secret Relationship Killer?

Am I drinking on the job, or is there something to this weird title? (Or both?!) Wait, hear me out before you back away slowly. Researchers have actually been studying the relationship between the …


Fat Pride: Big Chairs for Big Bodies

By Chaya Kurtz, Networx Here's a question for other people who publish websites and blogs: Why do we perpetuate the barrage of self hatred improvement articles that flood th…


7 Alternatives to Sitting in a Desk Chair

By Steve Graham, Hometalk A recent University of South Carolina study found that sitting at work all day is connected with heart disease, obesity, cancer, diabetes and other serious disorders…


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What a beautiful dog.

Vegan is not only cruelty free - it is the most socially responsible eating regime to adopt.

thanks, we all need to think about how much we waste

Cute. Thank you for sharing.

I am glad you are having a good time, Ann, but, MENOPAUSE SUCKS! For more reasons than you mentio…