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What Not to Say to Kids

There are the obvious things you should never, under any circumstances matter how extreme, utter to your child. Things like, “I wish you were never born,” “I hate you,” “No one likes you,” and “…


Boys Will Be Pink Boys: Unconventional Gender Identity

As it has been pointed out to me numerous times, I like to write about gender issues on this blog. Some assume I do it because it is provocative and progressive, or that maybe I struggle with such…


Don’t Put Baby in the Corner With That Damn TV

When my son was born, my wife and I had vowed to keep him out of eye's reach of a screen, any kind of screen for a long, long time. We had read up on much of the data linking frequent and habitual TV …


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Good reminders. Thank you much. "Your brain on sugar!" That is funny. But sad. And is it really …

When you find a good one stick with them...

Great discovery here, Thank you for sharing this knowledge.

One of my doctors hates it when I look things up on the internet, even though I use Mayo Clinic or f…

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