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Recipe for Warming Winter Cocoa

When you have guests over to your home this winter, treat them to a steaming cup of this lovely cocoa. You'll have fun preparing it, and they'll loooooove you for serving it. It has just the right amo…


Choosing Sustainable Chocolate

Chocolate is on the minds (and in the tummies) of many around Halloween. This time of year offers a great opportunity to think about and look deeper into how chocolate is grown and produced. It's not …


Chocolate: Fact vs. Fiction

By Sara Novak, Planet Green A new study reported in WebMD leaves health professionals questioning results. First off, the study was conducted by Hershey Company (ah what?) and published in Che…


Cocaine Production Linked to Forest Destruction

Researchers in the United States and Colombia have identified a relationship between illegal coca farming and destruction of Colombia's forests. The area the researchers studied is in the south of the…


Navigating That Puzzling Chocolate Terminology

It used to be there were two kinds of chocolate: chocolate chips and chocolate bars. Then there was dark chocolate and milk chocolate, and soon thereafter white chocolate came into play. But take a lo…


Gift Idea: Spiced Up Organic Coffees

Here's a easy-to-make, thoughtful and customizable gift idea for every coffee lover on your list. Since most flavored coffees are full of artificial flavors and aren't made from organic beans, the …


Buy Fair Trade: It Just Makes Sense

I would be hard pressed to end my talk about disposable coffee cups without spending a few minutes on fair trade certification. While fair trade is a relatively new idea (certification that is, not t…


Skin-Deep Beauty?

Limited science suggests that what we eat (or donít eat) may indeed affect how "gracefully" our skin ages. A study of 177 men and women published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition fo…

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