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Codependency: Strong Enough To Kill Your Love

Codependency sucks. Let's talk about the the relationship cancer, the bleach that eats away at the fabric of your most sacred relationships, the drama of the puppet master that eventually dest…


You Are (Still) The Problem

In May, I wrote about how You Are The Problem and today I am writing to say that if you are still suffering... then you are still the problem. Charming, right? At first, this might seem like q…


Calculating Emotional Inheritance

While many of us explore the impact of our parents' choices on us, "The Work" is about putting together the pieces of our own reality. It is not about blame. Quite simply, we are who we are, produ…


The Righteous Eviction of ‘Should’

Years of therapy and personal development elevated my sensitivity to the word "should" and its well intentioned but woefully misguided uses, or rather abuses in our culture. The beginning of "should…


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