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Kindness Revolution Day 25: Offer a Coffee or Tea

My husband, Curtis, and I stopped in at our local cafe after a rather hectic day of work.  When we turned around, Dave, the man we met yesterday from Habitat for Humanity, was just arriving.  It seeme…


Kindness Revolution Day 24: Donate to Habitat for Humanity

My husband spent the weekend cleaning out our garage and shed.  We've been renovating our home and many of the construction materials and fixtures our house once contained have found their way into th…


Kindness Revolution Day 23: Donate Blankets to Animal Shelters

When I lived in Ottawa, Canada, I saw an impressive act of kindness on Parliament Hill.  Someone had built a large complex of  "cat townhouses" that was set up on the park-like grounds where the Cana…


Kindness Revolution Day 20: Win More Free Books!

It's Saturday!  Not only is it great that the weekend is here, I'm giving away free copies of some of my books to a different lucky participant in the Kindness Revolution every Saturday in June.  So, …


Kindness Revolution Day 19: Be Thankful for Dad

Happy Father's Day to all the dad's out there!  It seems a natural fit for me to focus on my dad this weekend.  He's a kindhearted, hard-working, and gentle man who has always put family first.  I can…


Kindness Revolution Day 18: Giving to Children

When my husband Curtis and I bought our home we inherited a portable basketball hoop.  You know the kind that stand alone on a base and can be set up anywhere?  Neither of us is much into basketball. …


Ways to Serve Your Community

If you want to be an active part of improving your community but you’re not sure where to go or how to get started, check out these great websites: Type your zipcode into this great online tool and…


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....CUTE and totally is what it is, I suppose!!! >:(

Hope Zeke got a really good home.

Nooooooooo! I need my kale! that sound you hear is me howling with despair.

Perhaps a certain Dutch supplier is just running a PR campaign to help raise prices?