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It Takes More Than Love

Ah love! It's at the very core of our being. It's who we are at the purest and most basic level of our humanness. And what better day to celebrate this than Valentine's Day? It's an opportunity to hon…


Understanding Men

Welcome to the 10th article in the series Breaking the Dysfunctional Dating Cycle and Find Love.  Reading all the previous articles is recommended as it will bring you up to speed as to where we are i…


Codependency: Strong Enough To Kill Your Love

Codependency sucks. Let's talk about the the relationship cancer, the bleach that eats away at the fabric of your most sacred relationships, the drama of the puppet master that eventually dest…


Internet Dating: 8 DOs and DON’Ts

My sister Jaime came into my office today and told me that one of our clients called and she needed to speak with us. I dropped everything, dialed her number and put her on speaker phone.  Prepared fo…



It's time to rock the planet with LOVE, PEACE, COMPASSION, KINDNESS, JOY & EVERYTHING GOOD!! I don't know about you, but I am getting tired of reading about all the atrocities in the news, the …


Breaking Up

We all know the song "Breaking up is hard to do," and have heard from friends or even ourselves how difficult leaving a relationship can be or having someone break up with you.  It is so much easi…


Dating Drama!

This is part 5, of Breaking the Dysfunctional Dating Cycle & Find Love.  If you are just joining us, it would be helpful to read the previous articles to catch up to where we are in this series…


Are You Real in Relationships?

The number one rule of conscious relationships is to be real. But how real are we? Do you tell the truth at all times? It can be sometimes difficult to be authentic, but it is impossible to have genui…


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