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Is Your Crisis a Call for Meaning?

There seems to be a hole in the middle of everyday life, as if a rock had been thrown through a plate-glass window. But instead of being a physical hole, one could call this a “meaning hole,” an abse…


Your Turning Point

Into the state of your soul trapped in duality some light begins to shine. At the turning point a critical event shakes the soul. Everyday life is interrupted, either by a crisis or by a sudden epipha…


Seeking Creative Solutions

“Leaders are problem solvers by talent and temperament, and by choice.” -Harlan Cleveland There are weeks when life is steeped in only problems that seem to get more complex and embedded the longe…


Does It Take A Crisis To Transform?

Awhile back I did a webinar with Dr. Sara Gottfried about my next book Mind Over Medicine, Pink Medicine, and self-healing, and according to Sara, “It was epic!” During the webinar, I mentioned my …


Famine Continues in Somalia (Infographic)

In July 2011, the UN declared Somalia to be in a state of famine. Tens of thousands of Somalis have already died of starvation and disease, and those numbers are expected to reach three quarters of a …


A Hope-Filled ‘Sick Of Being Stuck September’

This coaching business and writing are professional dreams of mine. I've written before about the challenges my wife and children willing accepted so that my dreams could have an opportunity to come t…


Hurricane Comes Between US And Our Stuff

Don't own so much clutter that you will be relieved to see your house catch fire. - Wendell Berry Here comes another natural disaster to assist us in the releasing of our possessions. I believe we …


Living In Financial Crisis

Nobody notices the dirty dishes in the sink when the house is on fire. When we are dealing with a crisis, we focus on the crisis and everything else fades into the background. All of the resou…


In Spirit of Hope

What do you do in a hopeless situation? How can hope come to your aid once again? The way of peace has to answer these questions. Hope is emotionally necessary in a crisis. It’s one of the chi…


The Cloak of Hope

Hope is emotionally necessary in a crisis. It's one of the chief ways our minds protect us. Yet hope has a hard time being felt when every disaster is instantly communicated around the world. And h…


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