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Dealing With “Haters”

I read an article written by David Wong on called "6 Harsh Truths That Will Make You a Better Person." One of the main points the author made was to do something, anything that could be of…


How Conflict Can Create Love

We fade in on a couple sitting quietly at Sunday morning breakfast. Suddenly, a seemingly innocuous comment swiftly shifts the peaceful mood into prodigious conflict. She: Could you be more careful w…


Gossip, Criticism, Judgment, & Name-Dropping

As I’ve struggled to rein in my ego (who I call Victoria Rochester – you can read all about her here), I’ve become more astute at noticing when Victoria is running the show. What I’ve noticed is that …


How To Make Suggestions Without Nagging

Last night, I was a bit of a nag. When my fiancé pulled out a bag of potato chips, I told him I thought he should eat less processed food. I want him to be healthy, and I want us to have a future toge…


How To Soldier On Amidst Criticism

When you decide to broadcast your life publicly - on the internet and in books - it comes at a price. While most of the attention I garner is preciously positive, some of it stings like the dickens. …


Wisdom from Meryl Davids Landau

You, and your spiritual practice, are perfect just as they are. If you read that and rolled your eyes, you've got some work to do. We live in a culture of criticism. Our moms told us to stop suckin…


Surviving Dark Nights of the Soul

At three o’clock in the afternoon, it’s pretty easy for me to be kind and compassionate with myself. I can feed my body green juice, sit in meditation and treat myself with loving kindness, bless my b…


When a Crisis Arises, Don’t Panic

Kids make mistakes and do stupid things. That's what kids do. As young children their brains aren't developed enough to be able to think abstractly and clearly about complicated or long range cons…


Palin, Prudence, and Parenting

My first inclination for this post was to write about the burgeoning controversy surrounding Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, who was recently invited to join Republican-nominee John McCain as his running mat…


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I couldn't quite follow the story but according to the comments, the kittens found homes. I was con…

Thanks for this article.

Some years ago I started a new job on the same day as another colleague. We were taken around the …

Looks yum!

Sounds like the videos/games have potential. The one for seniors, as with all of them, need to have…