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Quickies and Their Benefits

Curious if that quickie session your partner keeps pushing is really worth it? Well, our experts Ian Kerner and Logan Levkoff can fill you in on the benefits while passing a few tips your way.…


5 Minutes to a Better Relationship

You know that lovey-dovey feeling you get while cuddling with your significant other—when you forget all about how pissed you were that he came home late AND didn't bring apology cheesecake, or how an…


Cat and Dog Cuddle (Video)

Can you blame this kitten for cuddling up to this furry pooch? Related: Baboon Adopts Bush Baby (Video) Cat Helps Baby Wolf  Survive (Video) Cat Wants to Cuddle (Video)…


Love Animal Style: Cutest Cuddling Critters (Photos)

Some of us, not naming any names here, might not have a Valentine's date this year. So maybe this person doesn't want to write all about green love-this and sustainable love-that. I mean, what's s…


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Oh, yeah, I've flushed fats and oils down the drain all the time. Bad, huh? Oops.

been sleepng on my back 30 yrs ever since i read it prevents wrinkles

I like natural things to put on my face, so will try. Thanks to Natasha for the tea bag idea and to…

Mac C. Mac C.
on DIY Green Tea Toner
8 minutes ago

Guilty. i didnt read the article. muahaha. i dont care for willies.

The study does say that but that there are also other factors at work - affluence being another fact…