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Shocking! The Unhealthiest Food Chains in America

Sure, McDonald's has the Big Mac -- and with jumbo fries and a large gulp of carbonated sugar it certainly isn't "healthy." But McDonald's doesn't even come close to earning the title of one of the un…


In the Mind of a Pathological Liar

We all engage in deception occasionally, but a pathological liar enjoys compulsive lying for no apparent personal gain. Also known as mythomania, this controversial condition baffles the medical commu…


Are We All Victims of the Diabolical Grocery Shrink Ray?

We have been hearing about the coming rise in the price of consumer goods set to hit us like a wave of price hikes and less bang for your buck. But walk into your local grocery store and things may no…


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A sweet little dog delivering kind messages would make anyone's day.

I will be saving this, my daughter is allergic to eggs and another family member can not eat gluten.…

In the end the media only runs pieces that they believe will sell magazines or papers or interest vi…

good to be able to pay back some of the good deeds that dolphins have done for humans over the years…

Thank you for sharing: this is helpfull for me, because I have a autoimune desease.