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How Conflict Can Create Love

We fade in on a couple sitting quietly at Sunday morning breakfast. Suddenly, a seemingly innocuous comment swiftly shifts the peaceful mood into prodigious conflict. She: Could you be more careful w…


Dropping Defensiveness

A key problem with the ego is the editing experiences of emotional rejection. This can result in not hearing or seeing a problem, which in turn leads to lack of communication and the end of many relat…


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Mc donalds, ew. It didn't even cost any effort to not eat there. It tastes like crap anyway. Now, KF…

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I have been pulling, digging and chopping wild roses out of our woods, they are a menace choke every…

Due to acid reflux, I am a side sleeper. I have been this way for as long as I can remember.

Body and soul work together closely and often knows the soul exactly what the body needs and what no…