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6 Reasons Saying Bye to Facebook Will Make You a Happier Person

People are incensed about†Facebook's manipulation†of emotional content. Psychologist that I am, I wasn't too upset about it. Since my dissertation involved deception, how hypocritical would that be? A…


Decreasing Drama in Your Life

If you think youíre constantly getting barraged with other peopleís drama, consider this: most drama in peopleís lives is internal. If we had a microphone that could record our thoughts or feelings…


9 Principles for Purposeful Daily Living

1. You are stronger than you think. Life sometimes throws you a test. Throw it back. Dig deep into your soul and use the resilience you have learned over the years to get where you are going. 2. Jo…


Choose Humor, Not Drama

The previous Inspirational Luminaries on this site are a tough act to follow. They have clearly already covered the spiritual essentials, so what could I possibly offer that would be new or differ…


Wisdom from Suzanna Gratz

Many years ago, I'd been living what I'd thought was the "right life." I was in a corporate dream job and living with the man I'd thought of as my dream man. Then I realized I was living in someone el…


Codependency-Free Holidays (Rule Two)

I learned two very, very important life lessons in my first marriage. The first is that when you're in the path of a tornado and the voice in your head tells you to get out of the car, do not--unde…


What Stage Are You On?

I'm offering the possibility of approaching existence from a different perspective. The external world claims to be real, but it, too, is an image created in consciousness and projected outward. O…


Positivity: Amusing Ourselves

The† world is like a ride in an amusement park. And when you choose to go on it you think itís not real because thatís how powerful our minds are.† And the ride goes up and down and round and round.† …


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