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Why Is Lyme Disease Not Just Tick-Borne Anymore?

  Some experts feel that almost everyone has been exposed to Lyme disease and may have it in one way, shape or form. Whether that's true or not is up for debate, but clearly there are those…


Green Girl Zaps Frying Fridges

Ahh, college dorms. Where one fits one's entire life into one 13-by-15 foot room. Of course, there's a whole other person also trying to fit their entire life into the same 13-by-15 room. It seems bot…


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I was searching about this issue as you have discussed very clearly and lovely manner that I don…

Sore and swollen feet can also be caused by stretched ligaments and tendons. See a Chiropodist for …

A very necessary article. Thank you.

You forgot one other problem - there is a strong connection between tattoos and Hepititus C - and it…