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An Elephant Musician

Shanthi is a 36-year-old Asian elephant at the Smithsonian's National Zoo in Washington who is using her trunk to make music. She has taken to the harmonica, turning out tunes that have her handlers b…


Elephant Runs Away from Circus

Elephant escapes from circus and gallops across a car park in Blackpool, Ireland. Photo Credit: rockinred1969 via Flickr. World News Videos by NewsLook var nl_rand = "RIHmNn1S5XKaASuo", News…


Baby Elephant Figures Out His Trunk (Video)

  This cute, curious baby elephant is trying to figure out how to use his trunk and stand up straight! Related: Elephants Save Baby Elephant From Drowning (Video) Dog and Elephant are…


Two Tons Of Ivory Intercepted In Hong Kong

Officials with the Ports and Maritime Command were tipped off about a possible shipment of illegal ivory headed to Hong Kong from Malaysia on Tuesday. Upon close inspection, customs officials found…


Art Dealer Arrested for Allegedly Importing Ivory

An art and antiquities dealer has been arrested for his alleged involvement in an elaborate African elephant ivory smuggling scheme. Federal prosecutors contend that Victor Gordon is responsible fo…


Elephants Playing in the Water in Cambodia (video)

These two Asian elephants named Naram and Lucky are playing at the Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Center in Cambodia. At this Rescue Center, a charity organization called the Asian Elephant Art And Conse…


Elephants Know How to Cooperate

A group of University of Cambridge researchers took a classic cooperation paradigm commonly used on monkeys, adapted it, and applied it to elephants. Researchers gave the elephants a task to earn a fo…


Wooly Mammoth Could Live Again

A team of scientists from Japan is heading to Russia to find frozen Wooly Mammoth cells. They want the cells to use in a cloning experiment to see if they can grow a mammoth from cell to whole live an…


Why Do We Treat Pets Like People?

By Kathryn Williams, DivineCaroline “Cows are people too, you know,” reads Stonyfield Farm’s yogurt lid. The advertising line works not just for the absurdity of the statement, but because we rec…


Healthy Eats at the National Zoo (video)

Ever wonder how the zoos manage to feed so many different animals and help them stay healthy? Well, here’s a look inside the kitchen at the Smithsonian National Zoo in Washington DC. They usually …


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