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Americans Love Pets But Still Cruel To Animals, Advocate Says

by Lee Shearer, Contributor to Animals & Pets on Editor's Note from Erica Settino, ATH Editor of Animals & Pets: Humane Society of The United States President, Wayne Pa…


Source a Sustainably Raised Turkey for Thanksgiving

More than 250 million turkeys are slaughtered in the industrial system each year in the United States, and about 46 million of those are for Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is a wonderful, warm holiday,…


Food Sources of Vitamin D Aren’t Created Equal

When thinking about getting enough vitamin D, almost everyone thinks of the hot ball of fire in the sky: the sun. While sunshine is the best way to soak in this nutrient, you may not always get the op…


5 Reasons to Eat Less Meat

People are eating more meat than ever, but how does meat production impact the environment? Even as we struggle with a shaky economy, we’re seeing more meat consumption worldwide. This is partly b…


Farm Animal Video Recording May be Banned

In the state of Iowa, two bills to ban undercover video recording of animals on farms are going to be voted on soon. The bills seem more focused on protecting farmers and their economic interests than…


5 Environmental Crises To Care About

By Mickey Z., Planet Green Imagine for a minute if corporate-sponsored mouthpieces like Limbaugh and O'Reilly were correct on either of these points: Global warming is a hoax Humans are n…


Can We Get Antibiotics Out of the Meat Industry?

I have a distinct memory from a few years back, when anti-bacterial soap and the like first became popularized, involving the Utopian promise of wiping out all bacteria (good and bad) from hands, feet…


New E. Coli: The Latest in Sick Meat

I know that many Care2 members aren't necessarily the most carnivorous of the lot--but I know many vegans who like to keep abreast of meat news. So, here's the latest on sickening beef...Fairbank Farm…


Ground Beef Gone Bad

Mark Twain said that truth is stranger than fiction; after reading a bone-chilling story in the The New York Times this weekend I'm inclined to add that truth can also be far creepier than fiction. Cr…


What is Factory Farming?

It's National Farm Animals Awareness Week. I wanted to write a sweet post about going to a happy family farm and showing some farm animals a little love, but every time I write the words "farm animals…


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Thanks for the article. Today my mom turned 87. She lives alone, walks every day, volunteers at the …

I like the idea of making coffee-(ice)-cubes and using them to cool hot coffee - one of the disadvan…