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Casual Sex? Skip the Romance

Written by Kait Smith for† Ladies, how do you prefer to be approached by a man? There is surely no single answer to such a questionóunless, of course, you're talking about a one-night …


Hookups, S&M, and Modern American Sex

By Monica Wilcox They say†dating is dead; hookups are all the rage. So I went straight to my beautician, the local dating expert, to see if this was true. Her answer was grave, ďI donít know where …


Celebrating Gloria Steinem: In Her Own Words

I was probably around 12†years old the first time I heard Gloria Steinem's name from the pages of my mother's issues of Ms. Magazine. At the time, I couldn't fully understand or appreciate her eno…


Feminism Is Irrelevant (To Me)

By Dana Theus Iíve really gotten into†womenís issues lately†but in the process Iíve realized Iím not a feminist. Iím not sure I ever was, but now Iím sure Iím not! Iím a†Feminista! There have been …


Women Erased From Historical Photo

Women have been erased from history for millennia. Countless courageous events led by women have gone unwritten or rewritten in the history books. Yet, in the age of feminism in modern times, we ass…


Domestic Diva, Green Mom or Feminist?

I happened to be perusing the eco-websites the other morning, and this Grist post popped up: Today's DIY Women: Post 'Domestic'? It was ironic that an article about DIY domesticity caught my eye as I …


Are You Beautiful?

From an early age, I, like most women, learned that a womanís beauty is her power. At least thatís what weíre told.† Many women and men still believe this unfortunate myth, frequently at the expense…


Mother’s Day: What is the Point?

I had a conversation with my 3-year-old the other day about what, if anything, we were going to do for his mom on Mother's Day. I suggested a few different options (a cake, a gift, a dance perform…


Damsels in Distress: Is the Princess Myth Harmful for Girls?

On a recent episode of the enduring television show The Simpson's (this was actually the 450th show, but who is counting?) the plot line involved the also enduring Krusty the Clown character being…


The Testosterone Apron: Domineering Men Invade the Kitchen

Really this is hardly news. Men (in the most general of terms) have been wandering into the kitchen, with a sense of distinct purpose and not just to raid the fridge, for a decade or more. What used t…


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