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5 Surprising Facts About Anger

What makes you angry? The injustices of the world? The jerk who stole your parking space? The spouse who won't get off the couch? Whatever brings out the ire, it's safe to say that you're not the only…


10 Rules For Fighting With Your Partner

In relationships, we all have our fights; and having the occasional heated debate between you and your significant other is even healthy. But when these fights cross into full-blown blow-ups, the argu…


Could You Be Addicted To Love?

Relationship addiction might be called "the hidden epidemic." You could be a love or relationship addict without even knowing it because your symptoms are only triggered by a certain type of person. Y…


How Conflict Can Create Love

We fade in on a couple sitting quietly at Sunday morning breakfast. Suddenly, a seemingly innocuous comment swiftly shifts the peaceful mood into prodigious conflict. She: Could you be more careful w…


Why Do You Keep Saying Yes?

The holidays are like a bottle of vodka. The further into it we go, the more of our truth we show. I've never been much of a fan of drunken stupors personally but I do sometimes enjoy the little nu…


When Couples Fight

It's late, you're tired, and you're fighting mad at your mate.  No matter how much you both try to explain your points of view, you find yourselves at an impasse, and that makes you that much more ang…


Hitting Back and Holding Back: Letting Children Figure it Out for Themselves

Aggression is a fact of life. You may protest and say that, with the right level of understanding and communal discourse, we too could be inhabitants of a peaceable kingdom, but that (at best) is a lo…


It’s All About Your Heart This Valentine’s Day

When it comes to happy love relationships, it's all about your heart. No, not your loving heart, your beating heart. Turns out, when you and your mate disagree, your heart rate can jump to 100 beat…


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