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Yoga Practice: It May Cause Miracles

In my May Cause Miracles interview series, I sit down with Tara Stiles and talk yoga, spirituality and life flow. Learn how Tara finds flow and stretches time through her yoga practice! Gabriel…


Wisdom from Mikaya Heart

We are not physical beings trying to be spiritual, we are already magnificent beings of spirit, choosing to play around with the experience of being in physical form. Experience life fully. Embrace al…


Wisdom from Vishen Lakhiani

As I've grown and matured I have noticed a recurring pattern in my life. Things move the easiest - business, family life, friendships, my goals - when I am in a state of Flow. What do I mean by "Flow"…


Should Adults Play Like Kids?

Kids' lives are fun. They play. Adults' lives are serious. We work. We have responsibilities. Many psychologists and psychiatrists question this widely-held dichotomy. They think that kids s…


Are You In the Flow? Quiz

Athletes call it “The Zone” and strive to get there, knowing their best performance happens in that space. Musicians, artists, all creative people know it well. The most fortunate of us can reach the …


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I guess it was a hot day and he wanted to cool off like anyone else. At least he didn't seem to do a…

I tried quite a few tricks with my late alley cat Ragamuffin, but nothing fooled her. I had to resor…

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